TRUE LEAF FARMS INC. – Anahola, Kaua’i

1.True Leaf Farms is a family-run farm in Moloa’a, on Kaua’i. The vision started with Jeremy Hillstrom, who was born and raised just down the road in Anahola, Kaua’i. Like many people who’ve spent much time on Kaua’i, he has a strong love and feeling of stewardship towards Kaua’i and the earth. Jeremy is a realtor and business owner who feels that as the island continues to grow, it is important to encourage sustainability and keep the environment in the forefront of our minds. He uses 10% of his personal real estate commissions and business’ net income towards sustainable efforts here on Kaua’i. One of these sustainable efforts is this farm and farm stand.

Jeremy’s wife, Keli Ranke, is the farm stand and delivery manager. A private chef and caterer who specializes in local vegan cuisine, she takes pride in providing an abundance of beautiful and delicious fresh produce to the community. Keli and Jeremy are supported in the field by the careful help of farmer Mimi, Tristan and his partner Bethany. Further inspiration and support comes from the younger and elder generations—Keli and Jeremy’s daughter Sadie and Jeremy’s mother Nana, who are both so helpful on the farm.