HealthGo Market is owned by Jeremy Hillstrom of Anahola, Kauai. Jeremy was born and raised in Anahola on the beach on Aliomanu Rd. where he and his three brothers played daily on the beach and in the ocean. Later Jeremy purchased some farm land in Moloa’a where he and his wife Keli started an organic farm “True Leaf Farms” While working in Lihue Jeremy realized there was no good outlet in Lihue “the business hub of Kauai” for local organic produce, this is when Jeremy decided to bridge the goods from the farm communities around the island to the good people living, working and shopping in Lihue.

Allen Soik is Healthgo Market’s first employee, a vegan and avid supporter of local organic farmers Allen has been monumental in kick starting HealthGo Market on Kauai, without his help the ship would have never sailed. You may see Allen almost daily at HealthGo Market he is always happy to help.

Megan Talley is HealthGo Market’s behind the scenes accountant working mostly remotely.  Megan has a passion for sustainability on Kauai her love and respect for the Aina has propelled her into various working situations where she steadily plants herself as supporter of the environment.

Kula Raquedan from Oahu found herself helping HealthGo Market with website design and marketing through one of Jeremy’s other companies 808 Truck Rentals Inc. Kula loves to help in the creative way that she can, and is proud to be helping get the information out to the Localvarians of Kauai who choose to eat local for all the right reasons.